West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall (WEM for short) is one of Edmonton’s biggest attractions. Most tourists that come to Edmonton have heard of, or have visited this great mall.

Not only is it a mall, but it is a very popular tourist destination because it’s the largest shopping mall in all of North America. In fact, it used to be the biggest mall in the world until 2004.

Within the mall itself is a giant bustling metropolis, made up of over 800 stores, two hotels, and attractions such as World Waterpark and Galaxyland. Whether you’re looking to go shopping, or simply to have fun with the family – the mall will definitely have something for you.

There are also brand-new attractions at the mall, such as the Alien Outbreak Escape Room – a thrilling escape scenario where you (along with 6 other players) try to solve the mystery of what happened to the crew that was on Moon Colony Persephone. But be quick, as oxygen is running out!

The mall also features daily events and activities. Over the summer season, you can expect to see events such as:

– Petting Zoo
– Sea Lions’ Rock Presentation
– Mermaid Tales Aboard the Santa Maria
– Face Painting
– Fantasyland Hotel characters come to life

Within Galaxyland, a new ride called Havoc has just opened. This thrilling ride goes up to 45 feet and flips riders at speeds of up to 27 km/h. A sure-fire way to have fun with friends or family!

The giant World Waterpark features an indoor wave pool that is one of the world’s largest, along with 21 different waterslides.

Want the New Orleans experience without actually going there? Check out Bourbon Street in the mall, a “theme area” with restaurants such as Sherlock Holmes Pub, Cajun Bistro, Dueling Piano Bar, and Tony Roma’s.

With over 5.3 million square feet (or approximately 48 city blocks), you can spend an entire day at this mall and never cover even half of it. Over 30 million people visit this great mall every year, between 40,000 to 200,000 daily visitors depending on the season. If you’re visiting Edmonton, ensure that you make some time to stop at this mall, go for a ride on the waterslide and enjoy a fine bourbon mix at the Sherlock Holes Pub!

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