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Mr. Peter Quansah Jr. is an exceptional lawyer. He took my case on, along with all the difficult challenges that came with it, and put my tension at ease. Efficient, well versed of the law, produces quality work that generates results, respected among his peers and colleagues, as well as empathetic towards me and my circumstances. I would highly recommend Mr. Peter Quansah Jr. to anyone looking for legal representation because he puts his clients first.
In 2016, I was referred to Ms. Lloyd Atkinson to help me win custody of two children left in my care. Ms. Lloyd Atkinson was extremely helpful and shared her great knowledge with me. She was extremely polite as well as comforting during a very stressful time for me. I can never thank her enough for all she did to help me and the children. Because of her the children are now able to live in safety and have a chance to thrive in a normal loving home. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing legal help.
As a busy professional, I was searching a for candid and forthright lawyer to handle a very acrimonious family matter. Ms. Olson provided that service to me. She was knowledgeable and experienced and presented me with my options in an articulate and professional manner. Ms. Olson was readily available and responsive to my questions and needs as a client, always keeping my apprised of advancements in my case. She was efficient and reasoned in her approach to law, which was refreshing. Overall, I am very satisfied with Ms. Olson’s services and would recommend her to anyone seeking prompt, no-nonsense advice.
There are many words that I can use to describe my experience with dealing with Peter Quansah JR. when he was assisting me with my personal case. He was extremely compassionate about his work as well as me as his client. He is very thorough, knowledge and genuine. He is committed to achieve the best result he can; with keeping in mind with what the client’s needs and wants are. For his assistant Lisa Stone there is nothing but positive things I can say about her as well; her dedication and hard work is definitely an asset to the success of the results that are received. I would strongly recommend Peter’s service if you want to be heard and understood; and totally satisfied with the outcome that he and his staff will achieve as a team effort.
I can tell you Shelly was worth every dollar and I would recommend her for anyone needing an honest, hard working lawyer who only has your best interest in mind.
I was involved in a car accident and I knew I needed a lawyer to help me through the scary process of litigation It was suggested to me that I try Peter Quansah at Hajduk Gibbs Law Firm. I was told he is truly professional and results oriented. As a retired Human Resources Manager I am keenly aware of a persons sincerity, and I immediately found Mr Quansah to be just that. I hired Mr. Quansah. Peter is very thorough, while still making me feel comfortable discussing my problems. Peter has surrounded himself with a highly professional and exceptional staff. They were always responsive to my questions, no matter how often I called. I found Peter went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome, and I would happily and confidently recommend him.
Peter is an excellent lawyer. New what was best for me from day 1. Put my mind at easy through a very stressful upsetting and life changing time of my life. Made sure that I understood everything wcb through at my for my injury claim. great man and a great lawyer. And has two amazing assistants.
Shelly is very knowledgeable and confident. She is also compassionate and dedicated to ensuring that one has the best representation both in and out of the court room. She is a strong and exuberant ally and is extremely well-spoken, making her very successful in court. She will tell you honestly what the best course of action will be based upon your budget and will always do her best to try and first settle matters for you out of court. While she has been an excellent advocate in my own court battle for retroactive child support, I am pleased to say I have also had an opportunity to witness her style in family trials as well, where she is sensitive and sympathetic to clients and their families, professional and courteous to opposing counsel and the court, yet assertive and unequivocally logical in her arguments which, ultimately, makes her successful every time.
This law firm is the best I have ever dealt with for many many years, of dealing with lawyers in Edmonton/Calgary. My first encounter was with the wonderful and considerate assistant Lisa to Peter Quansah who I had a brief conversation. She evaluated my situation and connected me almost immediately to Peter. Peter reviewed my documents of allegation and suspension, and advised me of the necessary steps I should take in dealing with this situation, (honestly I was a nervous wreck prior to this consultation). I have nothing but great things to say about Peter, from the beginning I saw his drive and determination to help me with this most difficult situation. He responds personally with emails to update when I am slow to do so. His compassion for his field of work and his and drive gave me comfort through this ordeal although it's not over yet. Peter has been a guardian angel although this matter is not fully resolved I am sure justice will be served. Thank goodness he was not one of those chickens who were afraid of a large cooperation. I will recommend this firm to my friends and family without hesitation. God bless you all for the work you do to educate us laymen.
What humans like when accessing a business is prompt reliable and trustworthy attention and service. This is in everyday interaction with individuals we meet throughout our daily hectic lives. I had the opportunity to meet Peter Quansah Jr and it happened to be at a stressful time in my life. Well seriously, when needing interaction with a lawyer, 9 times out of 10 it’s from a situation that’s is causing a person stress. Right from the start I felt welcome and understood. I was assured that what had happened to me was not my fault and he would reassure me by providing me with the law behind why it was not my fault. Very comforting in a stressful situation. After each meeting/phone consultations with Peter, I would feel a sense of renewed confidence. Thank you so much Peter with Hajduk Gibbs for being available to me at my time, not your time. Shout out to Lisa whoot whoot!! (Legal Assistant to Peter)
I am a Red Seal journeyman, tradesman and when I look at a job to be done I know every single facet of the work involved with my trade. Shelly Lloyd Atkinson is intimately acquainted with her work as well. Every single time we’ve gone to discovery and court, I have sat quietly satisfied while Shelly eloquently represented me. I am very pleased with her work on my behalf and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a hard working, competent lawyer.
Tammy L. Olson is an exceptional lawyer with an excellent understanding of family law. She has always represented me well in court and has been instrumental in getting myself and my ex-spouse to work together to come to mutually agreeable terms in several tense divorce matters. She listens to my concerns, is quick to respond to my questions, provides me with sound legal advice and manages her time well. Tammy and the staff at Hajduk Gibbs have been helpful through the divorce process and represent professionalism at its finest.
Peter has assisted us in my father's liability claim which resulted well with his continuous efforts and help. I recommend Peter Quansah for his good knowledge and experience.
Being in an accident is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. I’m so happy I had Peter to support me through the legal issues in moving on from my accident. Peter is a knowledgeable and confident lawyer, he made me feel at ease immediately and was able to give me an honest view of my case. Peter was kind and empathetic and it’s clear he and his team really care about getting the best results for their clients. He kept me well informed throughout the entire case so I wasn’t left wondering what happens next. It felt like we were a team working together to help me move on from my accident. Thank you Peter!
I feel very fortunate to have had Tammy Olson as my counsel. I had been trying to seek a parenting schedule and subsequent divorce from a difficult ex-spouse for four years and had already been to court twice with different lawyers which resulted in some relief but no resolution. I had a lot of anxiety and stress about returning to court a third time. When I first met with Tammy she interviewed me very thoroughly and asked me some tough questions. I was impressed and knew that she needed to find out the real story if she was going to work on my behalf and do what is best for the children involved. Throughout the process Tammy was always upfront, professional and gave me sound advice. During the times when I met with Tammy she listened carefully and with empathy for my complex situation. In court Tammy really shone, she was so well prepared and professional that my anxiety was relieved. In the end the judge ruled in my favor and I have Tammy to thank. I felt completely defended and totally validated because Tammy had taken the time to learn my story and understand my concerns with a difficult ex-spouse who was eroding my time with my children. Tammy Olson is a tough, smart lawyer and she cares about outcomes that benefit children. I highly recommend her to anyone.
My experience with Peter Quansah was incredibly successful. I am so grateful for Peter's knowledge, efficiency and extremely direct approach. I was referred to Hajduk Gibbs after being unsuccessful with another law firm downtown. I spent weeks and a lot of money with the other law firm. When I retained Peter, it was dealt with within two days, with the result I wanted. Peter was very professional and the services and treatment from the firm, Hajduk Gibbs, was exceedingly respectful and empathetic.
Mr. Peter Quansah Jr. is an excellent litigator and I highly recommend his services. With his level knowledge and professionalism, he provided valuable counsel, representation, and recommendations. The due diligence and review of my case and documents were extremely detailed and thorough. My expectations were managed very well, and resolutions were achieved in a timely manner.
Tammy was very up front and honest with us throughout the whole process. She was very professional and fought hard to create a situation that worked best for everyone.
I have been involved with Peter Quansah Jr indirectly for my girlfriends Motor Vehicle Accidents. Peter is Professional and knows what he is doing. He will not mince words, he says what needs to be done, how things will proceed, and he gets results which is why when my son was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident despite living in Calgary, I called HAJDUK GIBBS LLP and asked specifically for Peter. If you need a personal injury lawyer, I could not suggest anyone better no matter where you live, it is worth the call and possible travel.
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