Muttart Conservatory

Muttart Conservatory is an accredited museum nestled in the North Saskatchewan river valley that features four glass pyramids – each containing a climate-regulated biodome that houses hundreds of different species of plants.

As one of the top attractions and botanical collections in Western Canada, it is a delight to visit.

Each of the pyramids is designated for a specific purpose. The first pyramid contains a biodome that houses tropical plants and atmosphere. Here you can find tall palm trees, orchids, and hibiscus plants. A lot of plants come from tropical grasslands, rainforests and evergreen forests. All this flora revolves around a beautiful waterfall in the center of the pyramid.

The second houses temperate climate plants from areas such as Australia, the mountains of Asia, and even the southern Great Lakes. The temperate climate section was carefully designed to allow for woodland and bog areas. This area is carefully controlled which allows the plants to thrive in the summer and go dormant in the winter.

The third pyramid features plants from across five different continents. These plants are all connected by their innate ability to use the same type of dry air, irregular periods of moisture and many fluctuations in daylight and night time hours.

The fourth and last pyramid is where shows are held. Here you can find unique displays and celebrations that celebrate the creativity of nature.

In case all this beauty makes you thirsty or hungry, not to worry – there is a small café called Culina Muttart Café. Here you will be able to find sandwiches, soups and salads all locally sourced and made with the freshest organic ingredients.

The conservatory was designed by award-winning architect Peter Hemingway, and quickly became one of Edmonton’s most iconic structures.

No matter what season you go, there is always something to see and experience. The beauty of nature is laid out for all. A must-see for any family outing!

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