Jackie Parker Park

Jackie Parker Park is a medium-sized park with a prehistoric theme perfect for families, small groups and dog owners. It features 4 separate playgrounds (including a splash park). There are picnic sites, climbing walls, a small lake, walking trails, fire rings for campfires, and an off-leash site for dogs.

The park was named after the famous CFL player Jackie Parker, who played for the Edmonton Eskimos, and later for the Toronto Argonauts and BC Lions. He was a highly-ranked player that was voted No. 3 of the CFL’s Top 50 Players of the modern era.

There is no fee for entry however picnic areas should be booked in advance as they can get quite busy especially over the weekend.

If you like to explore, there is a lot to see at this park. From the wood-stone playground, to the splash area and small lake nearby – there’s always something to do.

This is a kid paradise and the little ones will enjoy running from playground to playground as they feature different themes and they will find something unique and interesting about each area.

There is also a golf course nearby that has a restaurant. In case you enjoy photography, this park is a great place to take some good shots because of its unique play structures.

The bathrooms are very modern and clean. There is running water and working toilets.

Stop by the picnic area with your family or group to relax and grab a bite. There are lots of trees for shade in case the sun gets too strong. There is plenty of parking space and it’s located close to the downtown core so getting there isn’t a problem.

The picnic areas are booked on a first-come first-serve basis from May until October for a group capacity of 10-20 people. Groups of 49 people or more will require a picnic permit.

Driving Directions:

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