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It’s the engine of an economy and whether you are in business hiring staff or an employee of a small or a multi-national business, issues around employment affect every aspect of your business world and personal life, so it is important to get the details right. Hajduk Gibbs LLP is here to help you with those details and ensure that compensation, competition and contract termination clauses are clearly settled and that your position, whether as an employee or an employer, is protected.

If you did not consult with a lawyer and now find yourself unsure of how best to protect your interests, then Hajduk Gibbs LLP can help you chart a course through complexities of your experience and determine your best options based on your facts and circumstances. Our Employment Law Expert, Peter Quansah Jr. will help guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

We are a team of experienced litigators in a small firm where your file has our undivided attention. Larger firms don’t have the opportunity to work as closely with their clients as we do. We bring a focused and responsive approach to your file and we have a savvy understanding of how business really works. We are assertive negotiators and pay attention to details that wins cases in the court room. Having your file reviewed with Hajduk Gibbs LLP can save you both time and money.

As an employee we can help you with claims involving:

  • Constructive dismissal or sudden, unilateral changes to your work
  • Just Cause Termination
  • Severance Pay
  • Termination Package Reviews
  • Wrongful and Unjust Dismissal Claims
  • Non-Compete/Non-Solicit Clauses
  • Human Rights Claims

For Employers we offer a wide range of services that can avert major liability issues and deal with problems with your particular business including:

  • Packages and reviews dealing with Termination of Employment and representing you against claims of wrongful termination.
  • Packages and reviews dealing with Hiring; creating the package which is pro-active and fair from the beginning of the contract.
  • Issues arising during the employment contract need to be handled properly and quickly to avoid costly mistakes and litigation later, so we can help deal with the full range of on-the-job issues from health and safety, changes to the contract, harassment, discipline and employment standards, to name a few.
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