Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo is a medium-sized zoo that features over 350 unique animals. It first opened in 1959, and has been one of Edmonton’s main attractions ever since.

The zoo operates 364 days a year, closing only for Christmas. There are various sections of the zoo, each with their own unique landscapes and animals. Some of the sections include The Inner Zoo, The Carnivore Alley, The Elephant House (where Lucy is), Saito Center, African Veldt, Makira Outpost, and Bird of Prey.

Located in Sir Wilfried Laurier Park, it is within walking distance from pretty much anywhere in Edmonton Downtown.

One of the oldest residents of the zoo is Lucy, the only elephant. If you come in early enough, you might be able to catch Lucy going for her daily walk around the zoo!

The zoo is a great place to bring young children, as they are able to come up close to the animals and interact with them. It is a very fun and educational experience for the little ones.

There are lots of free play areas as well as places to sit down in case you get tired from walking. In case you get hungry, there are lots of food trucks around. Parking is also free.

If you plan to stay in Edmonton for a while (or are a resident) getting a membership or a Naturally Edmonton pass would provide the most value as there are year-round shows at the zoo, and various unique play areas for children such as an ice slide during Christmas, and even characters like Elsa for children to interact with!

In case you don’t feel like walking around, there is a small train that goes around the entire zoo, so you won’t miss out on any experiences.

The zoo in general is usually not too busy and you can spend lots of time getting to know the animals. All in all, a great place to take the family!

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