Alberta Aviation Museum

The Alberta Aviation Museum is one quite underrated attraction that you can’t afford to miss. Built inside the historic Blatchford hangar in the early 90’s, this unique museum features over 20 aircraft including some very interesting restorations.

This museum features Canada’s 3rd largest aircraft collection and is quite a sight to see. There’s an interactive learning center and flight simulators.

Each aircraft has a historical reference provided, which makes the trip there highly educational as there is a lot to learn about the aviation history of the Canadian armed forces.

There is an extensive section all about the 80-year history of Blatchford Field and the role it played in both world wars.

The staff is well-informed and always willing to help out and educate visitors on the back stories of each plane. They always have interesting stories to share. There are Rockets simulators and old-fashioned games where you can learn to land a helicopter. There are also fighter jets and planes from WW1.

You can find unique planes such as the Curtiss Stinson Special, the Vickers Viking IV, The Fokker Universal, the Fairchild 71C, Cranwell CLA4, Curtiss JN-4, and many more!

Have you ever wanted to sit inside a jet-fighter cockpit? At the museum, you can.

The museum also features monthly events such as the Open Cockpit Day and outings to places such as the Edmonton Airshow.

In case you’re looking for gifts or souvenirs, there is a gift shop on site that has a wide variety of aviation-related presents that would make any aviation enthusiast happy.

The museum is closed every Monday but is open Tuesday-Friday from 10 to 4, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5. It is open to birthday parties and various summer camps, and guided tours are available upon request.

Whether you’re a history buff or an aviation enthusiast, there is always something to enjoy at this Aviation Museum. Great fun for all ages!

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